Deep Tissue Massage

John's journey into holistic wellness was sparked by his mother's long battle with arthritis, which exposed him to the limitations of traditional medical approaches that often relied on medications to mask symptoms rather than address underlying issues.

Even as a young child, he harbored a strong desire to help others find genuine relief and healing. Over the years, he dedicated himself to exploring and studying natural holistic methods to treat and alleviate suffering, determined to provide real solutions.

As he grew older, John pursued formal education and training, earning licenses in Deep Tissue Massage and holistic wellness. Armed with his knowledge and expertise, he joined forces with Plantia Wellness, where he now channels his passion and accumulated wisdom to benefit his patients. Through his practice, John not only offers effective healing but also educates his patients on the profound and lasting advantages of holistic approaches, demonstrating the power of his healing methods beyond temporary relief. Together with Plantia Wellness, John is on a mission to transform lives and promote genuine well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage


1. Muscle Tension and Adhesions: In the beginning, your muscles may have accumulated significant tension, knots, and adhesions over time. Deep tissue massage aims to address these issues by applying intense pressure to release muscle knots and break down adhesions. This can be uncomfortable initially, especially if your muscles are not accustomed to this level of manipulation.

2. Increased Blood Flow: Deep tissue massage promotes increased blood circulation to the targeted areas. This improved circulation helps in delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscles while removing metabolic waste products. As a result, you may experience discomfort as the body works to flush out toxins and heal itself.

3. Releasing Chronic Pain: If you've been living with chronic pain or muscle tightness, the first few sessions of deep tissue massage are critical for addressing these long-standing issues. While the initial discomfort may be intense, it's often a necessary step in achieving lasting pain relief.

4. Breaking Up Scar Tissue: Deep tissue massage can help break up scar tissue, which may have formed due to injuries or repetitive stress. Scar tissue can restrict movement and cause pain, and breaking it down can be painful initially but ultimately improves flexibility and reduces pain.

5. Restoring Range of Motion: If you've experienced limited mobility due to muscle tightness or adhesions, deep tissue massage can help restore your range of motion. This process may involve some discomfort as the therapist works to release restrictions in the muscles and connective tissues.It's important to note that while the initial sessions can be uncomfortable, a skilled massage therapist will communicate with you throughout the process to ensure you can tolerate the pressure.

 They will also adjust their techniques to your comfort level. Over time, as your body responds to the therapy and muscles become more relaxed, subsequent sessions should become less painful and more focused on maintaining and improving your overall well-being. The discomfort you may experience in the beginning is often a small price to pay for the long-term benefits of reduced pain, increased flexibility, and improved overall health.

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