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The Green Elephant

The Green Elephant

The Ultimate Resource for Cannabis-Based TherapyBacked by extensive research and medical expertise, The Green El...
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    The Ultimate Resource for Cannabis-Based Therapy

    Backed by extensive research and medical expertise, The Green Elephant is the all-in-one guidebook for healthcare professionals looking to educate themselves on cannabis therapy to better provide guidance to their patients.

    Delving into the history, biology, chemistry, and pharmacological effects of cannabis and CBD-based therapy, The Green Elephant also explores the equally important areas of ethics in practice, cannabis’ legal history, and current regulatory status — all to enable healthcare professionals to better serve their patients.

    The Green Elephant provides healthcare professionals with much-needed information on dosing instructions, potential drug interactions, long- and shortterm treatment plans, and much more. Cannabis therapy has the exciting potential to help millions of patients better manage their symptoms and enjoy a higher quality of life. The time has come for all healthcare professionals to discuss this green “elephant in the room.”